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NOTE: For 11-15 LML engines please consider our MPG Module by CLICKING HERE!

Have you been hearing all the industry hype about how EFILive is the best way to unleash your Duramax's potential?

EFILive software is not a "tune" by itself... but a Tuning Tool that gives you the ability to crack open the stock ECU/ECM on all Duramax models and access and adjust the stock engine data.

From off-road racers to sled pullers to the drag strip... EFILive has given Duramax owners the advantage over the competition.

But EFILive software is not just for race vehicles... everyday street trucks have taken advantage of the ability to adjust key engine parameters for improved fuel mileage and towing performance.

Trusting the Pros:
Here at Diesel Domination we have been custom tuning the Duramax diesel since 2006. Since then our custom tunes are installed in roughly 10,000 Duramax diesel engines.

Our Specialty is NOT the race track... but FUEL MILEAGE and TOWING!

From the weekend warrior pulling a camper to the farmer who tows tractors twice as heavy as his truck's capacity... we have focused our tuning on the "blue collar" truck owners.

The EZTuner Downloader contains our best "Tried n True" mileage/tow tunes for the 2003-2010 Duramax. It is an easy to install hand-held programmer that simply plugs into your trucks data port under the dash and quickly programs your truck's ECM with our custom tuning.
If you own a 01-02 Duramax or you would like to save a little money... check out our Customer's ECM Tune. With this option you simply remove your ECM and ship it to us for bench tuning. We ship tune the ECM the same day and "free" ship it back 2nd Day UPS. (THIS OPTION IS AVAILABLE FOR 01-10 DURAMAX)

If you have any questions please call.