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Learn why diesel owners are suddenly
losing thousands a year in fuel costs

Working-Class diesel truck owners like yourself are frustrated.

You spent a lot of money on a new vehicle only to see worse mileage then the truck you traded-in.

Truck owners are not happy because they feel they are not getting "ALL" they paid for when it comes to fuel economy and pulling power.

Even with lower fuel prices... every fill up continues to cut into their wallet which makes it tougher to make a living.

And additionally... even though your truck has lots of horsepower on paper... it most likely feels somewhat sluggish taking off under a load.

Towing a heavy trailer in traffic with a truck with a slow throttle response can be a real safety issue. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of an intersection with other vehicles headed at you.

To add to your frustration is the confusion of hundreds of diesel performance products on the market promising to make your truck the baddest hot-rod in town.

The problem is... you already spent a lot of money on your truck and you don't want to spend more time and hard earned cash tweaking it with expensive aftermarket turbos, intakes, exhausts, etc. not knowing for sure if you are going to fix the problem.

You just want better tow performance and fuel efficiency... not black smoke or the fastest quarter mile times.

So why is your truck is not performing as promised?

Over the past decade diesel truck manufacturers have been required to meet very strict emission standards. The result is power robbing devises added to the engine and the de-tuning of the lower end of the power curve.

Emissions are tested at a specific engine RPM and at a low percentage of the engine's maximum power.

While newer diesel engines put out very impressive horsepower and torque numbers... these performance numbers come from the very peak of the engine's RPM... not in the "driving-zone" where you need it.

De-tuning your engine in the "driving-zone" to meet emissions affects your fuel economy and low-end power response because it flattens out the engine's torque curve. Most often you drive at a highway cruise engine speed of 1400-2100 RPM (Driving-Zone)... which is exactly where the truck is required to meet emission standards.

The good news is... THE SOLUTION to your problem is very simple and affordable.

Restoring the low-end is done by creating a steeper torque curve so your engine reaches its maximum efficiency faster while you are still in the "Driving-Zone" ... not at higher RPMs which you seldom drive.

This can be accomplished simply... and affordably... by installing a Duramileage Performance Module.


Upgrading your truck with a Duramileage Performance Module gives the engine a torque curve that was finely tuned to get the best fuel efficiency both running empty and towing.

The newer Common-Rail motors operate by delivering pressurized fuel to the injectors by what is know as the fuel-rail. The fuel-rail's target pressure is supplied by a pump which is electronically controlled.

The Duramileage Performance Module plugs directly into your factory fuel-rail sensor and controls this target pressure (injection pressure) which in-turn controls the engine's power curve.

It may sound simple but the Module is actually a very sophisticated software control micro-computer.

Changing the engine's power curve adds additional low-end torque allowing the engine to cruise at a higher peak-efficiency which helps you achieve better fuel economy.

If you make a living with your truck every fill-up cuts into your bottom line. Imagine how much you can save annually getting 100 more miles out of a tank of fuel?

Key benefits of installing a Duramileage Performance Module include...

Fuel Savings: Truck owners have testified of highway mileage gains ranging up to 3-5 MILES PER GALLON running empty and a 20% increase while towing/hauling or city driving. If you can increase your mileage you can save money on fuel.

Towing Performance: Having the right horsepower and torque in the "driving zone" of your RPM range makes for a pretty sweet experience when pulling steep grades. Your transmission stays in higher gears (downshifts less often) which allows for faster hill pulling speeds.

Throttle Response: Pulling heavy loads out of the hole becomes a breeze with quicker throttle response. You can pass easier on two-lane highways and merge into traffic faster. No longer will you worry about crossing an intersection while towing a heavy load.

Proven Results: The technology behind the Module has been installed in tens of thousands thousands of diesels with high customer satisfaction.

Peace of Mind: Module power gains do not exceed the limitations of your truck's drive-train and exhaust gas temperatures stay within safe operating parameters.

Warranty Friendly:
Once the Module is removed from the vehicle it does not leave any trace or fingerprint on the factory computer making it difficult to detect that it was ever installed.

Stop being forced to accept less than optimal fuel mileage and performance.

It's time to put your truck on it's way to better fuel economy and towing ability with the installation of the Duramileage Performance Module.

Purchase the effective and affordable Duramileage Performance Module and effortlessly solve your poor fuel economy and power problems.

Installing the Module is quick and straightforward using factory style connectors; no need for drilling or other modifications! It couldn’t be easier – try it for yourself and see the difference it can make.

With part numbers to fit ALL newer diesel pickups vehicles and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, there’s no reason to wait another day to optimize your diesel experience!

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased and are enjoying the benefits of the Duramileage Performance Module... Make your diesel more affordable and fun to drive – Order yours today!