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Duramax LB7 Owner,

Due to the Engine Control Modules (ECM) on the 2001 and 2002 being of older technology we DO NOT suggest using our hand-held EZTUNER programmer for tuning.

What we do recommend is sending us your ECM for benching tuning.

We will install our best "tried and true" mileage tuning in your ECM and adjust your tire size and remove your speed governor if you request.

Click on the "Custom Mileage Tuning" link above to purchase.


Daily we are asked if aftermarket air intakes and exhaust help increase mileage. After talking to roughly 100 Diesel owners a week for 10 years... we still don't have a solid answer.

It seems that it is about 50/50 on results. One diesel owner will tell us YES... and the next diesel owner will tell us no.

For those diesel owner who wish to purchase an aftermarket air intake or exhaust we do offer what we feel is the best product on the market for the best price.

Click on the "Exhaust and Air Intake" link above to purchase.

If your Duramax's fuel injection system (injectors, pumps, etc) does not seem to be running as it should we recommend you call Barry Sadler at 1-208-512-7608. Barry is one of the best mechanics we know that can "trouble shoot" mechanical issues over the phone.

Barry has set several world land-speed records in diesel trucks!