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This Page should answer most of your Duramileage questions. If you need more information please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Toll-Free 1-888-874-4929



Question: What is your Return Policy?

Answer: We give you a no hassle 120 day Money Back Guarantee on all “Duramileage” labeled products.

(Products like exhaust and air-intakes made by other manufactures are 30 Day Return Policy and only if the product has never been installed.)

Question: What can I expect from your DURAMILEAGE tune?

Answer: Roughly 4-7 MPG increase in fuel economy over what you are currently getting at 65mph highway and around a 20% MPG increase while towing. City driving varies wildly with each customer and therefore we can not predict the mileage gains. Additionally you will also feel increase in throttle response and less turbo lag. Customers report the power gain causes their truck to shift less pulling loads.

Question: Will I lose “power” since these are mileage tunes

Answer: NO... our custom mileage tunes are designed to increase the low-end torque. The best mileage tunes increase performance between 60-80 Horsepower... 100-120ft/lbs torque.

Question: Will the Duramileage Tuning work on my truck model?

Answer: We have custom Duramileage tuning for 2001-2010 Duramax 6.6L Engine

NOTE: We do NOT custom tune the ECM of the 2011-2015 LML motors... for this model we sell a plug-in microprocessor that works well at increase power and mileage.

Question: What Duramileage Tuning Option is best for my truck year model?

Answer: Click on your truck's Year model on the left-side buttons and you will see the options we recommend.

Question: Do I need a Mechanic to install your tuning.

Answer: No... all our tuning options (even removal of ECM) are very simple to install and instructions are provided.

Question: What happens if my Dealership reflashes the ECM... will I lose the Duramileage Tuning?

Answer: Yes... this is just a fact of life but it does not happen often. Since we warranty the Duramileage for the life of your truck all you have to do is call me and I will send a Downloader with your Duramileage tune Free of charge.

Question: Is this safe for my truck?

Answer: We have tuned over 6000+ Duramax diesels without any major problems to date. The mileage tune is mild enough that it does not put much added stress on your drive-train.

Note: If your truck has a pre-existing issue... increasing the performance of the engine can bring the problem to the surface faster.

Question: Can I stack a chip with your Duramileage tunes... and what will happen?

Answer: If you stack a chip then you cancel out the key mileage calibrations if it is active. For example you can run a Chip on the "stock" setting and get the mileage gains. If you want power over mileage... just turn the chip up.


Question: What functions does the EZtuner perform?

Answer: The EZtuner contains several custom built mileage tunes that are “tried and true”. Additionally you can check and clear Engine Codes, change tire size, adjust speed governor, and

Question:What do I do when I plug in the tuner it does not power up?

Answer: Check lighter fuse, if it doesn't turn on then the lighter fuse is blown.

Question: Do I need to remove the recommended fuses when checking Engine Lights?

Answer: NO... the fuses only need removed when downloading a new tune.

Question: How long should the installation take?

Answer: About 7-10 minutes total.

Question: I was going through the installation process fine until it said on the screen "Do not disturb" and it stayed there for 10+ minutes. What do I do?

Answer: If it stays on that screen for over 10 minutes unplug the tuner and start over.


Question: I plugged a LMM Pre-tuned ECM and the remote start doesn’t work what now?

Answer: Re-installing an ECM with trip a trouble code... stop by a local auto parts store and borrow then code scanner to clear it for free.

Qestion: Will this void my warranty?

Answer: By federal law (Magnuson Moss Act) the Dealership is not supposed to void your warranty just because you made an aftermarket change. Your warranty manual stipulates that if the aftermarket change causes damage... they do not have to honor the warranty to make the repair.

**Magnuson Moss Act states that aftermarket equipment which improves performance does not void a vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty, unless the warranty clearly and conspicuously states that aftermarket equipment voids the warranty.