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I purchased my Duramileage module the end of 2015 and have to tell you it works great. 80,000 miles on my truck now and it is still going strong. My mileage has averaged as high as 26 MPG on the highway. I even averaged 20 MPG while hauling 4000 lbs of construction materials. This module has paid for itself many times over, worth every penny!!!
Larry S - Virginia

Great programmer, im getting 3 to 4 more miles to a gal. HWy 2 to 3 city depending on my disposition that day , truck running smoother feeling more balanced ( not holding back ) and a service team behind me that feels more like family than just someone trying to have sold me an item and not having have to deal with me again. i recently had a problem on the wkend because off something i didnt do ( follow instructions ) and it put my truck dead in the water . well i called steve , no answer . but within 15 min ron got back to me and had me up and running within 10 min , within the 1/2 hour steve called me and i told what happened and that ron had fixed everything and thanked him and ron very much. i just dont like at all being dead in the water so to speak with the result of my actions being the culprit and my truck being the wounded i also hate to have to bother other people on the wkend when its there time . steve thank you so much for a programer that works great and a team that cares ,ron, aron, and the ones i dont know. thanks again PS follow instructions

Dwight D - New Mexico

So many diesel fans praise tuners for increasing horsepower in diesels, but in my research, I just wasn't convinced that it was supplying the best combinations for the engine. There are too many variables with these programs, and I wasn't comfortable putting my engine through that.

When I looked around the internet in 2009 and found Duramileage, I was impressed at the science behind it. It just seemed a more logical solution to what we were looking for and it had the added bonus of increased fuel mileage. The fact that they specialized in Duramax was key. They had a money back guarantee and tons of testimonies so I took the plunge and have not regretted it. My husband was able to install it easily and the Pass-Key relearn wasn't a big deal.

I also bought a Banks Ram Air system for our 2001 GMC Sierra. Combined the systems have given the truck an amazing amount of horsepower, the pick up speed is phenomenal and so much fun to drive. 0-100km in no time flat, then at 100 it kicks down again and you go like stink, and about 150-160 there is another kick down and it still won't stop giving you ponies. We can even gain speed towing up hills with our 13,500 GVW 5th wheel trailer and we barely notice a drop in fuel economy when towing. I can't give you factual economy readings since he doesnt do records well, but it has easily paid for itself. My husband was hesitant on buying a diesel at first, but now he says we will never own a gas truck again. We LOVE the Duramilage and have recommended it to many friends now.

Janice > Ontario, Canada

About a month ago I ordered a Duramileage programmer from you. Wow, what a difference in performance and fuel mileage. My mileage running empty jumped from 18 to 22.5 mpg.

When pulling my fifth wheel rv trailer I used to get 9.5 mpg, now I get 12.5 mpg.

I have to confess when I bought the programmer I did not believe it would do what it has done.

However I am now a believer in your product. I have put 3500 miles on the truck since I installed your programmer and have had no problems and have had consistent results in much better mileage and better performance.Thanks for your great product.

Larry J.
Evansville, WY

Steve and crew,
Just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with the tuner. My truck is a 2007.5 chevy 3500 dually and I installed the 60 econ tune as per your instructions and noticed 1-2 mpg gains and it definitely ran better. I also followed your instructions and kept trying the others (40 econ, 70 and 80). I actually found out the best setting for my truck seemed to be the 70 hp setting. At this setting I am seeing 18mpg up to 23.8mpg empty and from 10mpg to 14mpg loaded with various loads. This is awesome considering I was getting 12mpg to 14mpg empty and 8mpg to 10mpg loaded. Not only are the mpg gains great and obviously with $4 diesel a big reason for the tuning, but the truck runs better, with more power and less shifting.

I loved the tuner so much that I had to tell my father about it and he is in contact with you now to get one for his 2006 chevy.

Thanks from a happy customer
Ryan R. Winner, South Dakota

Steve: I bought a Pretuned ECM from you in April or May of 2011 for our 2009 Duramax. We haul a steel 3 horse slant horse trailer a lot. On the first run from Tulsa OK to Oklahoma City without the new ECM we got 6 miles to the gallon. This is with the cruse set at 75 mph. Now this trip has some nice hills so it is a good test trip. After putting in the new ECM and driving the same trip to OK City with the same amount of horses (3 and 4 people in the truck) and at the same speed millage went up to 12 mpg! It does not take long to pay for the new ECM with improvements like that. Just around town millage improved from 14-15 to 19-20 when the wife drives, when I drive we get 20-22. It is well worth the investment.

I tell everyone about it.
Mike B Sperry OK

Hi Steve,
I purchased your Duramax Duramilage EzTuner in March of 2010. Sadly it has taken me a long time to write this note of appreciation.

The time you took with me on the phone and via e-mail and IM chat was extensive and appreciated. As you may recall, after we both invested a lot of time trying to get the EzTuner to reinstall the factory setting, you asked me to send the tuner back to you so that you could update it. Sadly this too did not fix the problem. We then hit on the idea that I could stop by your shop and you would fix the EzTuner while I waited.

We were vacationing in your area in September of 2010 and I did take you up on your offer. Within an hour you had the problem fixed and had installed the lastest version of the software in my tuner. I greatly appreciate your dedication to outstanding customer service. Since that time the tuner has worked flawlessly. I have changed the tune setting a number of time as I experimented with how to get the best fuel mileage both when towing by 14k pound 5th wheel and when not towing.

I am most impressed with the improved performance and fuel mileage that I have been able to obtain with the various tune setting options included in the tuner. I now have over 10,000 miles of towing data and 5,000 miles of non-towing data. My towing fuel mileage has gone from between 9 and 10 mpg to between 10.5 and 11.7 mpg depending on conditions. My non-towing mileage has been between 18.5 and 21.5 mpg once again depending on conditions.

As you pointed out in you published data, I do find that I can get better fuel mileage running in 5th gear rather than 6th at between 55 and 60 mph while towing my rig. There seems to be a sweet spot for towing performance between 1,800 and 2,200 RPM. I have taken to driving the tach when towing. Non-towing performance seems to be easiest and quite acceptable by letting the Allison 6-speed automatic do the work, but with the tow haul mode engaged.

Once again, my sincere appreciation for building a great box that is easy to use, dependable and does what it is advertised to do.

Al L. 2007.5 Duramax LMM with Allison 6 speed.
OPRD Park Volunteer.

Thanks Steve Shelley and the people that man the phone lines:
All I can say is Steve Shelley and his employies will go that extra mile to help you.

Sorry about taking so long. Before my ECM was tuned I adv. 8.478-10..749 miles to the gallon. Hauling ten to twelve ton of hay. I just hauled a load of horse ( 8 ton ) over the same route after my ECM was tuned. I adv. 13.4 in 30 mph winds. I have adv. 12.83 -14.741 mpg at home hauling horses and cows. This truck is a 1 ton dually and I am pleased with the miliage increase and improved performance I got.

Steve W. - Montana

Hello Steve:
THANKS ALLOT!!! I was very doubtful/skeptical when I initially invested my hard earned money into your Dura-mileage rhetoric about increased fuel mileage, showing 5-7 miles a gallon difference on your website, but the results I have recently documented are terrific, especially for a full-size 3/4 ton 4X4 pick-up truck.

I now have some powerful info/stats and favorable acknowledgement I would like to share that's an eye-opener for any perspective diesel enthusiasts looking to enhance/increase their diesel mileage. I know it's not been a month, but I'm excited about the data as I recently traveled half way across the great U.S. of A. through: Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho using your Dura-mileage programmer (RacDel 60) as suggested in my 09 Duramax LMM 4X4 P/U, and I can honestly say it works superbly as you have indicated.

Here's what I have recorded thus far between fill-ups:
277.5 miles driven - gallons consumed 13.6 equates to 20.4 avg miles per gal, avg speed 65 mph (calm winds)
342.7 miles driven - gallons consumed 16.2 equates to 21.1 avg miles per gal, avg speed 65 mph (calm winds)
284.1 miles driven - gallons consumed 12.9 equates to 22.0 avg miles per gal, avg speed 70 mph (favorable tail wind)
284.6 miles driven - gallons consumed 13.1 equates to 21.7 avg miles per gal, avg speed 70 mph (favorable tail wind)
279.7 miles driven - gallons consumed 13.9 equates to 20.1 avg miles per gal, avg speed 70 mph (Wy/Idaho NW head wind)

These are not computer generated computer estimated mileage stats, these are miles driven and fuel consumed!!!

I was always a Papa driver, especially driving the pick-up, but decided to give it a try and so I bumped up to 70 mph on the interstate, which proved to be better fuel economy; I was/am amazed. After having driven across Kansas at 65 mph the day before and then going up another notch to 70 mph on I-80 in Nebraska and seeing better mileage; WOW, I'm flabbergasted!!! No doubt allot of the increased mileage was from the Dura-mileage programming (and having a tail wind).

But, just in case anyone asks for facts, I also added Amsoil synthetic motor oil 5W40 and removed my tail-gate for the trip, and a K&N air-filter to complement the full MBRP exhaust. Not certain if these changes provided any additional mileage increase, but I figure ever little bit helps, especially with diesel prices soaring well over $4 a gallon; again!

P.S. - What I really found amazing as I drove through mountain country is that my Duramax did not once shift down to a lower gear to complete the hill climb; WOW!!! Ya'll have allot of some really big hills.

The Race Delete combination is truly fantastic/phenomenal!!!!

A true believer! Respectfully,

Steve B. (KS Flatlander)
I'll let you know what my mileage looks like when I return to Kansas in May 2011, just hope I don't see any more snow through the mountains; yikes!

Well Steve, it works as good as you said. New 2009 (LMM) Duramax 2500. I now have 8000 miles and have had your EZTUNER for near a year now. I was getting 19-21 mile per gallon before your turner. Now I am getting 25 mpg at 65-70 mph. NO LOAD PULLING. I left Fayetteville Ar. and headed to Panama City FL pulling a 24' bay boat that weighs right at 5000#. I got 13mpg running 75 and 80 mph for 929 miles, and 15 mpg when I slowed to 70-75mph. I never owned a diesel before and this is amazing that the power I get and the fuel economy. My wife has a Chevy Traverse that is supposed to get 22-24mpg and I am beating it all to heck. Steve you truly are what you say you can do.

I even took my mechanic with me on a trip to Tulsa Ok. and he kept watching the fuel economy and was totally amazed. Power was good but the fuel economy is Great!! I was wanting the fuel economy and GOT IT - Didn't really care too much for power as I don't pull too much other than the above boat which my 5.3 chevy worked it rear off in the mountains here in Arkansas. I have not reason to lie or post bull just the facts I have experienced. I know other tuners are good and give alot of power and have only experienced a few of them -

George - Arkansas

Hi Guys, Well I have waited a couple of months to see how this thing works. Well here are the results. I went from 11.5 MPG to avg of 16 MPG That is a combination of towing,around town and freeway. On the freeway at 70 mph I get 21.1 mpg without towing. When towing I avg 60 MPH and get 17MPG. I am using the 80 setting. I have a 2008 duramax lmm

Rick - California

Have a 2010 GMC 3500 4X4 dually. Was getting between 8 and 9.5 MPG pulling a cattle trailer around 65 mph to 70. Got 12.5 MPG round trip the other day pulling. Also my mileage has increased pulling my horse trailer, truck doesn't run hot anymore either. Every trailer I pull has been at least 25% better mileage and I'm pulling at 75mph instead of 65. On the highway empty my mileage at 70 was around 14 all the time. On a 600 mile trip I averaged 19.1. That was running into a 20 mph wind for the second half of it. Your product is actually as good and sometimes better than advertised. Stuart - Texas

I just installed the new ECM with RACE delete and man I can tell a Big Difference in throttle response and the fuel mileage went from 14 empty to 20 and pulling my 14,000 pound horse trailer fuel mileage went from 9 to 15. I love it! I wish I would have did the change sooner. 2009 3500 HD 4x4 Dually 11,000 miles. (note Race Delete is for Off-Road use only)

Mark - Illinois

I have an 06 Chevy Silverado HD2500 w/ the Duramax and Allison Transmission. The EZ Tuner was money very well spent. Not only has my mileage improved on average of 4-6 miles per gallon, but the Diagnostic readings have saved me not once, but twice. Two times so far my check engine light has lit up, I've pulled over and checked it and cleared it with no problems. Those two check engine lights (which were nothing lights), would have cost me at LEAST $100 each to have the dealership look at it, not to mention the repair that would have been needed. The tech support is free and easy, they speak, understand and answer your questions in good ole' American English. I will not go without an EZ as long as I have a diesel. Nothing but praise from me.

Craig - Florida

Dear Steve I'd first like to say thank you for being so honest and available when I needed some install help. Your product is incredible. My 2007 GMC went from a rotten 13 mpg unloaded to 22 mpg and 11 mpg towing to 16 mpg. If I hadn't seen it first hand I would have not believed it. On top of that the performance is incredible, almost like it's a totally different truck. I was skeptical at first # 1 I am not a computer type and was worried about doing the Eztuner download. and #2 I couldn't understand how increasing HP could possibly increase mpg it seemed backwards, but felt it was worth a shot since my mpg average was so bad to begin with. Anyway you can count me as a VERY satisfied customer and I am letting everyone with the Duramax know about your amazing product. Feel free to send emails from skeptial customers , I will testify!!

Sam - Louisiana

LB7 Duramax 2002 Chevy was getting 10.5 MPH towing a 5000# t/t with your program I get 13.5-14.0. Hwy went from 17.0 to 19.6-21.3 at 70 MPH 1800 RPM. I highly recommend this product.

Don - Colorado

I have 2004 duramax Diesel and I bought Steves unit. I cant beleive it...... I went from 12.5 mpg to 19 in one shot. . I also tried it in the tow mode and I was getting 16 mpg towing a 10.000 lb trainler going through the rockies. . So the system works... What about support, tech issues. Well they were thier too. I phoned the company about a issue I was having and I got a live person right away.. He couldnt fix it so who do I get a call from ?? Steve the owner, now thats service . What company can say that.. Great product, great service, thank you ,

Al - Calgary,, Canada

Well Steve, it works as good as you said. New 2009 (LMM) Duramax 2500. I now have 8000 miles and have had your EZTUNER for near a year now. I was getting 19-21 mile per gallon before your turner. Now I am getting 25 mpg at 65-70 mph. NO LOAD PULLING. I left Fayetteville Ar. and headed to Panama City FL pulling a 24' bay boat that weighs right at 5000#. I got 13mpg running 75 and 80 mph for 929 miles, and 15 mpg when I slowed to 70-75mph. I never owned a diesel before and this is amazing that the power I get and the fuel economy. My wife has a Chevy Traverse that is supposed to get 22-24mpg and I am beating it all to heck. Steve you truly are what you say you can do.

I even took my mechanic with me on a trip to Tulsa Ok. and he kept watching the fuel economy and was totally amazed. Power was good but the fuel economy is Great!! I was wanting the fuel economy and GOT IT - Didn't really care too much for power as I don't pull too much other than the above boat which my 5.3 chevy worked it rear off in the mountains here in Arkansas. I have not reason to lie or post bull just the facts I have experienced. I know other tuners are good and give alot of power and have only experienced a few of them -


George - Arkansas
Thought I'd drop a line and let you know how well your product works... I am a diesel specialist for over 16 years and have tried all kinds of products but have never been as impressed as I am with yours. I installed it in my 2007 gmc dmax. The power increase is awesome, am able to chew up 5.0l mustangs on the street and laugh the whole time doing it. The mileage increase i see is unreal going from 20mpg to over 26mpg (imperial) on highway.

The mileage while pulling my 10 000lb camper has climbed also from 12mpg to 18-20mpg giving me over 4 hours of drive time even in a 40mph headwind where as before I could only get 2 hrs of drive time to a tank of fuel. Its like getting half a tank of fuel for free.

I am so impressed with this tune that I have 10 customers lined up for it. I hope that we can work something out that I can add it to my product lines.
thanks again
Willie - Canada

May 2009
Thanks for the ECM upgrade! I had just purchased this truck ( 2006 2500HD ) and was very disappointed with the mileage, at 15.1 per gallon. I had several people tell me to install a chip in this truck. I figured this was not the option for me as this is my first diesel truck. That's all I need is more controls and gauges to set and I wouldn't know where to set them anyway. So I opted to let you take care of it and the results are terrific. I took the truck to Nashville (from Kansas city area) and averaged 22.8 per gallon and the horse power is more than I need pulling my 5th wheel camper. Thanks again it was well worth the money.

Rick A. Centralia, KS
March 2009
I have a 2007 Classic GMC, lifted 3" ,285/70/17 tires, and a Buckstop bumper with a warn winch. The lift, tires, and bumper dropped my mileage from 17 to 15. When I put the ECM back in the truck I took a little test drive right off. The speedometer is right on now, and the truck goes faster than a guy should drive it since the speed limiter was adjusted as per my request. The power? Well I was impressed before but it exceeded that too. I'll get to the mileage in a bit but right now I'd like to put down what I saw change on my pyrometer and boost gauges. At stock I would get 20 psi pulling hard, if it shifted at the right timeit might bump 21 or 22psi. Now on hard acceleration, no load, the boost sits on 26 psi until I get moving. The pyrometer is in the exhaust manifold and running stock I could get 1350 degrees on a hard acceleration empty. And it got there fast. Now it runs much cooler. I tried to get it to 1350 and could only get to it about the time I felt like dropping the throttle because of speed. On normal runs small hills easily made 1000 to 1200 degrees where now 800 to 1000 degrees is normal.
Now to mileage. I've always had very erratic mileage. My last average has been 14 to 15mpg. I filled up and run about 115 miles with the cruise on 65 mph. In that stretch I stayed the night at home and let it idle for 15 to 20 minutes then had a little town driving. The mileage figured 19.3 mpg. Then from that fuel up I made a 71 mile run at 76 mph on cruise that figured 17mpg. This was empty. Those are my first calculations.
I'm happy with what I have, a bit more driving will probably have more to say.
Brad of Clearmont Wy

January 2009
The reprogrammed ECM was installed on a new 2007 2500HD Silverado extended cab 2WD. My best guess at the mpg prior to the installation was 16-17. I wasn't able to get an absolute reading before removing it (only had 180 miles). I immediately took a 3000 mile round trip from Missouri to Connecticut (following your guidelines of 65 mph in 5th) and averaged between 22mpg and 23mpg. I could not have asked for more.

I did find that, with a slight tail wind or drafting, I could do almost as well at 75 mph in 6th (2000 rpm).

Your product performs extremely well and I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanx - Ed Smith
January 2009 - Update
After countless times of filling the tank on my 06 Chevy Duramax, the frustration was to much and led me to Diesel Domination. I was getting 12 to 14 mpg normal driving and 6 to 9 mpg pulling. Steve did his magic and I am now seeing 16.5 to 20 mpg driving and 12 to 13 pulling! I am very happy with the results and will recommend this product to anyone. Thanks again Diesel Domination for saving me money!
Jeremiah Johnson - MT
December 2008

Hi, I installed the 100 horse duramilage tune with top speed limiter removed, tire size change and I am very satisfied. The 100 horse tune really works well on daily driving and pulling my 30 ft fifth wheel camper. The pulling power and throttle response is awesome. Before duramilage I was only getting 15mpg empty and 9mpg loaded. Now I get 22mpg @ 70mph empty and 13mpg pulling 10,000 pounds. Having this kind of power and fuel mileage makes it pleasure to drive my truck. My buddy and his dad have a duramax and they are putting duramilage on. I tell everyone I see that drives a duramax. Thanks for all your help. Duramileage is the only way to go!

Chevy 2007.5 Crew cab Lt1
Duramilage 100 Horse Tune, 4" turbo back exaust, 285/75/16 Cooper ST


Rick C. - Vicksburg, Ms
November 2008
The pickup has been wroking great. I'm very happy and have been spreading the word to all my friends, hopefully they have contacted u. Here's my testimony with the 2006 LBZ.
Recently I stumbled upon an ad for the Duramilage product and I figured it was just another boastful ad that for a product that wouldn't return the results it garunteed. I was very disapointed with my 06 chevy duramax. The milage was terrible, getting arould 13mpg empty and 8mpg pulling a trailer. I visited with Steve and he was confident he could help me gain the mileage I was thinking the Duramax should get. Instantly the results were great. I was up to 19mpg at normal driving speeds and even maintained 18mpg at 90 plus mph! Pulling a trailer, the mileage increased to 12 -13mpg and the power increase was very noticeable. I love the results and recommend this product to anyone who wants mileage gains!
Jeremiah J. - Chester MT
Hello Steve, Odometer reading is 15186.

After spending thousands of $$ with no increase in fuel economy, I ran across your web site. I will now be keeping my 2007 Classic Duramax and driving it daily. I has sat for months because the best I could do was 15 mpg. After getting my computer back from you in less than a week, I have never been more pleased driving my truck. Yes, I get 7 mpg better with a combination freeway and town driving. Same driving habit and same destinations. I now get 22 mpg. You really need to go to Chevrolet and convert all there trucks, maybe they wouldn't be shutting down all the plants.

Thanks so much, my exhaust, cold air intake, and Banks set up where a huge waste of money. I will be sending you a few customers.
Don Williams



I have a 2008 GMC 1 ton dually 4x4 crew cab. I found out about the duramileage on blog site and was a little skeptical, then I looked into. I have installed one and now have about 8,000 miles on the truck, it is by far the best modification you can make to your truck. The fun factor goes up tremendously and so does the mileage. My truck went from 12 MPG up to 16.5 MPG. I would highly recommend this product.

Hope this helps

Michael W.- Nebraska
July 2008
My experience with DURAMILEAGE and Steve Shelly

I have been using and evaluating DURAMILEAGE for more than 3 months now. The bottom line is that it works as advertised (even better!) and Steve Shelly does what he says he will do.

Like many people I was looking for ways to increase my mileage and add a little power. I found DURAMILEAGE when searching the internet. At first, it seemed to be too good to be true and commentators on several web forums suggested the claims did not make sense. Boy, were they ever wrong! I think the diesel forums are great but you cannot always trust what contributors say particularly when they have not used the product. After talking with Steve Shelly (the owner of DURAMILEAGE) I decided to take a chance.

From the first installation I noticed was how quickly the transmission shifted thru the gears with more low-rpm torque. I am now able to get up Snoqualmie Pass in whatever gear I want and maintain the speed limit if I choose.

There are several routine trips I take and I have documented mileage with and without my 11.5 ton fifth wheel trailer. I was getting about 9.5 to 10.5 mpg towing and about 17-19 mpg unloaded on the freeway. These were hand calculations after many fill ups. I've since documented for myself that while the DIC tends to suggest higher mpg it is consistent and useful to track changes made to the engine for comparisons.) No matter whether using hand calculations or the DIC my mileage increased substantially with DURAMILEAGE. I now get 12.5 to 14 mpg when towing (it depends on if I have filled my water tank or not). And I get 22 to 24 mpg when unloaded and able to drive at a consistent highway speed.
I did need to swap ECM a couple of times with the stock one. [the customer had requested some changes which included shifting, fuel tank size, and service updates] That really demonstrated how well the DURAMILEAGE tune works. The mileage went way down with the stock tune and I found it frustrating to tow up Snoqualmie Pass once again.
The swaps were needed for Steve to make a couple of changes I wanted and to add the GMC updates for my model. An unanticipated flash of the ECM required another fix from Steve. He did the work without complaint and offered some advice along the way. I always found that you learn most about companies when things go wrong. Steve really came through for me.
So, would I do it again? Absolutely!
Does his product work? Yes, even better than I expected.
Can you trust Steve? Most assuredly!
Roger C., Seattle WA

July 2008
With diesel prices on the rise, I though I would try the Power Diesel program and I'm glad I did. When towing my travel trailer I was getting 12 MPG at best, my last two trips out I am now getting 16 (+) MPG. I would recommend this to any one with a Duramax, I didn't think this was possible.

Thank you STEVE,

Randy - Sales Manager

July 2008


I ordered my new ECM from you several weeks ago. I drive a 2007 Duramax GMC with a LMM module.

On a recent trip of 840 miles from New Mexico to Enid, OK and return, we averaged 23.7 MPG running 70 MPH. Actually it was 24.6MPG to Oklahoma. After running approx 4,000 miles, i have averaged 21.3 MPG in all around driving with some trailer pulling mixed in. Before installing your ECM, the best MPG was 19.5 on a similar trip to Dallas and back, and approx 17 MPG in all around driving.

The service you provide has been reponsive and has corrected a small problem or two on the install. I would recommend your service and product to others wanting to get a better bang for the buck from $4.50 diesel.
Leo - New Mexico

July 2008


I just installed your program into my '06 LBZ. The first thing that you notice is the throttle response. No more pushing the hammer half way down to get this thing to move. At a quarter throttle, you will hit 60 much much quicker than at half throttle before. As luck should have it, I took a 150 mile run a week or so ago an got 19 mpg. I repeated this run as identically as possible after the new program and got 22 mpg. Not the 4-7 mpg gain as advertised but still quite respectable.

Brian - Iowa



Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the ECM you re -calibrated for my 20071/2 durmax diesel. Pulling a car trailer our MPG went from 8.8 to 11.8. We're now testing it pulling nothing, can't wait to see what the MPG is . Fill free to use my name for feedback...this system is great!


Jerry - Kentucky


Steve... As you stated I have seen mileage improvements of 4 miles per gallon (2008 LMM) and the power increase is a plus. The guys with the aftermarket programmers have a lot of black smoke while using the performance settings. There has been no difference using your system except for mileage increase and better performance. I have let some of the guys at work do a test drive and you will probably be hearing from some of them soon. Keep up the good work.
I picked up 9 miles per hour in a set distance I had marked off about a 1/8 of a mile and at 110 miles per hour I was showing 2800 RPM as far as I got for now too many police. The accelerator response is immediate. The 35x12.5 all terrains spin with ease. I hope you have my settings documented because that is probably what these guys will ask for. Have you dynode one at my settings?
Bill, Monroe Louisiana

Thanks for the recalibration for my 2002 Chevy Duramax ECM. The power gain with higher fuel mileage is a dream come true. I had a Ford F-250 with a V-10 and the power was good but the gas mileage wasn't good at all. I bought my Chevy Duramax and the power was a little better and fuel mileage was to. After talking to you and sending you my ECM I had no idea what to expect. After getting the ECM back I wait to get it back in the truck, and boy-o-boy it was like having a new super truck. On the first fuel check I got 15.6 miles per gallon. Doesn't sound like much but that was a lot of playing. The next was normal driving 16.8. And for the third time it was very hard to control myself but keeping the RPM under 2000 and driving under 65 on the road I got just over 20. It has been well worth it.
Thanks Devin - Ohio


First off, Thank you for such a Great Product!!! I recently purchased the Duramileage tune for my 2003 LB7 Duramax, and wow I notice an immediate difference on the whole power band, acceleration, power, shifting firmness, and especially the mileage. I have had my rig for about 4 months now and have been researching many products on the market to achieve the best balance of power and mileage. I came upon the power up diesel website and very skeptical to say the least, like many products that claim mileage improvement, most do not offer a Guarantee, with that said I figured I have 5000 miles to prove this product wrong. I especially like that fact that you use your own factory equipment and installation is a BREAZE.

I was headed out to El Paso Texas the day after I got my ECM back from Steve, just as he promised fast turn around. On a 480 mile round trip from were I live, this would be the true test of the Duralmileage tune. Like many Diesel Pick up owners I dread fueling up and hope my rig would perform like Steve claimed. Well to my disbelief it did. There are some steep hills on the way, I never felt my rig down shift or accelerate once. The shifting is a lot smoother now. The throttle response is much more responsive then before. Traveling at 75 mph with no load I averaged 22 miles per gallon, thats an increase of 4 miles prior to installing the Duramileage. Around town I am getting 18.5 miles to the gallon, I was only getting 14 miles to the gallon before. My Truck is completely stock other than an Amsoil Ea air filter and the Duramileage tune, thats it.

I now get 150 miles to a quarter tank in the city, compared to the 119 before. If I was disciplined enough to drive 65 mph I now know my truck can get even better than 22mph. My friends and family are no longer skeptics of this product, When they say no way in hell is that truck getting that kind of mileage I just show them my trip meter and the fuel gage and tell them to due the math; my friend even went with me to fill my truck one day, and his jaw dropped, he could not believe his eyes; I am getting better mileage than his 2005 F-150.
To anyone who is still skeptical all I have to say is try it, to anyone who's planning on buying a Duramax, make the investment of purchasing the Duramileage tune; you have nothing to lose except crappy mileage, money to save and mileage to gain. Not to mention the extra 65 ponies and torque gains is an added bonus, believe me you will feel the difference. Thanks again Steve.

Very Respectfully,

Sergio - New Mexico

I was very happy with the mileage gains your product gave me on my 2007 Duramax, it went from 12 mpg to 16.5, with $4.00 diesel that equals 9 cents a mile!!!!!!!! (3 mpg gain intown)

Thanks... Todd - Ohio


Steve Shelley is the man!

After struggling with a Diablosport tuner on my 2005 Chevy 2500 HD, i found that there are very few products out there which can actually deliver more MPG's. However, after finding Diesel Domination's website, i was sold on the custom tuning technology! Steve successfully took my truck from 14 mpg's to an average of 18 mpg's on the highway cruising between 65-70. ( My truck has a 6'' lift and 33's) Not to mention, my truck has a significant power increase. No BLACK SMOKE and a ton of torque makes it fun to drive. Thanks again Steve.
Brad - California


Hi Steve,

The ECM I purchased for my 2006 Kodiak 5500 Crew Cab 4-wheel drive Pony Express has given my truck NEW LIFE. This piece of workmanshop has given a good pulling truck, to a great pulling truck.

Coming out of Helena is a very steep grade toward Great Falls on I-15. The truck never shiftd down once. The true test is when I hook up to my 38 ft. gooseneck camel trailer. I will let you know how it performs.

I am now going to do a performance replacement on my 8.1 GMC. Since 2004 I have built and owned 5 Pony Express trucks. There's is absolutely nothing like these performance replacements.

These performance computers are the future of performance and better mileage.

Thanks Steve for an excellent product.

Camel Al
Al's Bactrian Camel Ranch


I was so happy with the work Steve did on my 03 Duramax I went out and bought my wife one. They both get over 22MPG. Thank your Steve.

Stuart - Montana