2014-2018 Ram 3.0L PRO Ecodiesel Module
2014-2018 Ram 3.0L PRO Ecodiesel Module


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* Easy to Install
* Fuel Mileage Increase
*Adjustable 20-60 Horsepower

The Pro Performance Module fits the 3.0L EcoDiesel engine in the 2014 - 2018 RAM 1/2 ton trucks. Designed for everyday use whether you are towing or just looking to save some money on fuel costs.

The Pro Performance Module can increase your power up to 60hp over stock all while delivering fuel economy benefits of 1 to 2 mpg. They are dyno tested to a 20k load so we can ensure that you are towing safely. Adjustable four position switch lets you select between Stock, +20, +40, or +60 hp.

And before you ask…no we do not flash your ECM! Instead we receive the data from the ECM and optimize the signal to the engine to improve both power and fuel efficiency. True Plug-and-Play connectivity means we aren’t going to ask you to cut and splice any wires. Just connect the Pro Module into your existing factory connectors. Oh, and if all of this isn’t enough, we’ll back the Pro Performance Module with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY! How’s that for confidence in our product?!


The main difference between the Pro Performance Module and most electronic diesel performance products is the manipulation of fuel pressure vs fuel volume. Most chips/programmers change injector pulse width which adds for fuel to the engine... the Module changes fuel pressure which enhances the injector plume and increases the fuel atomization.

Excessive injector pulse width modification adds to much fuel volume and can cause the engine to run rich (smoke/heat)... whereas pressure/plume modification causes the engine to run more efficient due to improved fuel atomization. Pressure modification does add slightly more fuel under throttle but the additional combustion performance offsets any negatives.

The Number One reason customers install the Pro Performance Module is for fuel savings but having up to an additional 60 horsepower (90 ft/lbs torque) makes for a more responsive truck when towing heavy loads. You can now get heavy loads moving faster and keep them moving faster on steep grades with less downshifting. (faster turbo spool gets you through intersections quicker)

The Pro Performance Module is an easy to install “plug and play” diesel performance product suitable for today’s hi-tech diesel engines. Engineered with advanced digital-microprocessor technology, the Module simply plugs into your factory wire-harness with OEM style plugs and helps manages your engine’s fuel delivery with precise electronic control of injection pressure.

Econ Performance Module gives you proven results with the “best of both worlds”. You get incredible money-saving benefits of better fuel economy and an amazing engine performance increase and at the same time! Instead of being frustrated with your diesel, simply upgrade it with a Pro Performance Module and get the fuel mileage increase, and first-class towing power gains you deserve.


You can't just wish for better mileage and do nothing!

You must change your diesel's "peak efficiency" to increase your fuel mileage.

Add the Pro Performance Module to your Cart "Right Now" and start experiencing for yourself what thousands of hard working Powerstroke, Cummins and Duramax diesel owners are already enjoying.