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Are You 100% Satisfied With
Your Duramax's Fuel Mileage?

You may never reach 30 MPG... but your are
guaranteed a 3-5 MPG increase... or your money back!

If you are a "Working Class" truck owner who is frustrated with your fuel mileage...
you are not alone!

Today many truck owners who purchased a newer "expensive" diesel pickup are not happy because they feel they are not getting "ALL" they paid for when it comes to fuel economy and pulling power.

Even with lower fuel prices... every fill up continues to cut into their wallet which makes it tougher to make a living.

And even though your truck has lots of horsepower on paper... it most likely feels somewhat sluggish taking off under a load.

Towing a heavy trailer in traffic with a truck with a slow throttle response can be a real safety issue. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of an intersection with other vehicles headed at you.

To add to your frustration is the confusion of hundreds of diesel performance products on the market promising to make your truck the baddest hot-rod in town.

The problem is... you already spent a lot of money on your truck and you don't want to spend more time and hard earned cash tweaking it with expensive aftermarket turbos, intakes, exhausts, etc. not knowing for sure if you are going to fix the problem.

You just want better tow performance and fuel efficiency... not black smoke or the fastest quarter mile times.

The good news is... the solution to your problem is very simple and affordable.

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Truck Edition LML Duramax POWER Module CLEARANCE
Our Price: $397.00
Demo Clearance Sale $250.00
You save $147.00!

2011-2015 Duramax LML Duramileage Performance Module
Our Price: $597.00
DISCOUNT $477.00
You save $120.00!